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It`s possible to hire me for an online consultation trough Skype or Zoom. Then we can have a video conference and talk dogtraining. You can show me with your dog and I can show what I mean with mine if that helps too.
I don`t do "problemdogs" - but I can help with
* Dogtricks
* Obedience
* Rally obedience

Who am I?
My name is Marianne Elise Methi - and I am a proffesional dogtrainer from Norway! I run my own dogtrainingbusiness. That I have since 2005.
I have 5 dogs (8 lives in the same house) - 2 retierd border collie (11.5 and 13) and 3 in full training.

I have had dogs "all my life" but got my own border collie in 2000. Together we tried almost every dogsport there is - and landed on obedience We competed in the highest level i obedience for years before I wanted to do other dogsports too. Other dogs came in to my life and now I have 5.

Now I have 1 aproved heerdingdog
2 aproved visitingdogs for the red cross
1 European champion in frisbee distance (nr 2 overall)
Highest level in rally obedience with several dogs
Highest level i obedience with several dogs.
2 times national champion in dogdancing (2017 and 2019) and only started the sport in 2016.
Been on the national team since 2016 (dog dancing)(started in april - national team in november)
Competed in World championchip
Nordic championchip (finalist invidual)and Team Bronze in 2019.
Nr 5 in Crufs international dogdancingcompetition in 2020 (I`m the one with the fox costume)
Several theaterplays, Norways got talent, Swedens got talent, comercials, and so on

I use positive trainingmethods and are a huge fan of the clicker. I use treats, toys and myselfe for rewards for the dog and are convinced that what I give them is what I get back.

Pricing options

Online videoconference help trough Zoom. "Show and tell"
I can show with my dogs and then you can train with yours - with help from me ;)
Book - and than we`ll agree on when.
I`m on european time  - Oslo, Norway


25 Euro


 60 min video conferance
Show and tell
Positiv dogtraining
Get help in your training
*If your a group - it`s 50 Euro per person - 1 hour *


Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions people most frequently ask us:

How does a online personal trainer work?

With video conference 1 to 1 - where you can ask anything you need to ask about your dogtraining - without beeing in the same room.
You can also show the dogtrainer what you struggle with or what you need help with. I can alsi show you with my dogs how I train during this session.

When does the session start?

When you book time - we agree on when and we take it from there.
I always adopt to the the customers can train.

Can I send you videos of my training?

If you have one of the packages you can of course send me videos in between lessons so I can see. And then we can discuss it on the next lesson again.

How often can we have sessions?

As often as you`d like, but I recomand at least 1 week in between so you have time to train on what we agree on.