Finally it`s here! The possebility for online coaching from Team Bissevov.
In these covid times it`s hard to "get around" for seminars and trainingsessions where you want.
I have already had online seminars for years so this is no news to us.

When you book online coaching you will get the following
* 6 times (6 hours - 1 hour each time) meeting on zoom
* Help with what your struggling with in tricks/freestyle/obedience
* Building a routine or help with existing routine
* Facebook group where you also can ask questions if your stuck during training.

** When you book - you have to use the 6 hours within a 4 month period. I will follow you and help you whenever I can.  (including 6 zoom meetings)

Online coaching



€ 299
€ 250

4 months

6 * 1 hour zoom

Facebook group with follow up

Help where YOU are

Be a superstar!

Who am I?

My name is Marianne Elise Methi - and I`m a proffesional dogtrainer from Norway. I live and breathe for dogtraining!
I`m on the national team for dogdancing - freestyle in Norway since 2016. (but had dogs and done dogtraining since 2000. Had my own company since 2006)

Nr 3 in Nordic champion freestyle team 2020
Been to WC and nordic championchip several times
One of Norways best tricktrainers
3 times National champion in freestyle

Some of you have maybe seen us at Crufts 2020 with our "What does the fox say" routine too.
My dogs has also been in alot of theaterplays, comercials and shortmovies here in Norway.

My training is clicker, positive reinforcment and louring.
I`m a HUGE fan of the dogs thinking for themselfe.
Come and join the fun!

Skjermbilde 2020-12-07 kl. 13.11.10


Here are some videos of us "in action" ;)

Crufts 2020

Here you can see our routine at crufts 2020


Here in Norway

Advance distance

THIS is how we do it!

Social media

You can find us "here and there" in social media too