My name is Marianne Elise Methi - and I am a proffesional dogtrainer from Norway!
I have 5 dogs (8 lives in the same house) - 2 retierd border collie (11.5 and 13) and 3 in full training.
These are the 3 dogs you can follow in this group.
I have had dogs "all my life" but got my own border collie in 2000. Together we tried almost every dogsport there is - and landed on obedience.
For several years I did alot of obedience while I also became a certefied dogtrainer.
I have competed on the highest level in obedience with 3 of my dogs.

Then I started sniffing around on other dogsports again. We discoverd how COOL it is to do tricks and also visitingdogs for the red cross.

Now I have 2 aproved heerdingdogs
2 aproved visitingdogs for the red cross
1 European champion in frisbee distance
Highest level in rally obedience
2 times national champion in dogdancing
Been on the national team since 2016 (dog dancing)
Competed in World championchip (nr 12 in 2018)
Nordic championchip (finalist in 2019)
Crufs international dogdancingcompetition in 2020 (I`m the one with the fox costume)
Several theaterplays, Norways got talent, Swedens got talent, comercials, and so on.


VEGA - 8 year old border collie bitch
She is training towards next years competition - and also this years norwegian championchip. She knows over 300 behaviers and tricks and higlight of the year was Crufts 2020 where we placed 5th in 2020!
New routine for next year is under planning and training. Join us to find out what ;)
Next year we hope for 2 WC (The regular one and WCOPA - World championchip in performing art)
OEC - Open european Championchip
Nordic championchip
And also a trip to the USA


Kanutten - 4 year old golden retriever
She started as a frisbee freestyle dog and did very well. But since there are no competitions in Norway we have started with dogdance freestyle - and rally obedience. She did REALLY WELL in her first competitions and won. We`re now ready for class 2 in freestyle and Class 3 in rally.
Follow Kanuttens journey to become a freestyle class 3 dog. She LOVES tricks and also gonna come with me and Vega to the USA and world championchip in performing art next year <3
Join our facebook group to follow how I train her ;)

Skjermbilde 2019-10-28 kl. 09.45.47

Valborg - 2 year old border collie bitch
This is my little "nutcracker" but oh how she has blossomed the last few months.
Because of papir trouble she has not started any competitions yet, but thats ok because she has not been ready either.
She is a rocket with full speed, but oh how I love working with her. Join us - and watch me train her to be ready for competitions.

Skjermbilde 2019-10-28 kl. 09.23.00

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