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Heelwork with the Hazyland Boys

I`m SO lucky that Emmy said yes to hold a online seminar on our platform. I have been a fan of here since I started this sport 4 years ago. She is really an inspiration for everyone doing this lovely sport. She has done both HTM and freestyle since 1998 and has been on the national team in Denmark for years and also been to several big competitions around the world. Crufts, WC and OEC. She is also a judge and travels the world holding seminar and judge competitions.

For those of you that are new to this sport - HTM is Heelwork to music and this is a beginner seminar. It`s PERFECT for those who wants to know more about the dogsport and also wondering about starting themselfe. It`s also perfect for those who are already in the sport - but need inspiration and motivation for further training.  Emmy is really good in explaining in a way that everyone understands.

This is a Heelwork to music seminar with Emmy Marie Simonsen and 5 online lessons demonstrating how Emmy & Hazyland Boys work with heelwork – a guide to their training methods from the first steps and until they can start linking moves and creating a routine.


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Price is 120 Euro
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Emmy will answer when she have time if you have any question

What can you find on this seminar?


Over 120 min with videos with training of different dogs.
Selfstudie seminar

5 modules and lessons

Step bye step explanation
Access for 1 year
Everything is up so start when you want
See when you want
Train when and where you want

Nordic champion

Emmy has been in the sport since 1998 and is a Nordic champion.
She is a huge inspiration for everyone in this sport.


How the course is set up

Lesson 1

15 minute video

  • What does correct heelwork look like?
  • What does your own dream heelwork look like?
  • Teach the dog to get into the wanted position and maintain the wanted position.
  • And an extra treat for those of you that have smaller breeds.

Lesson 2
20 minute video

  • Introducing the Canine Elephant
  • About turns
  • Starting on different directions (sideways – backwards heelwork)

Lesson 3
14 minute video

  • Working in circles
  • Using circles to help your dog understand where the correct position is
  • Ideas for dogs that tend to lack behind
  • Ideas for dogs that tend to push and work too far forward
  • Reward techniques

Lesson 4
17 minute video

  • Adding more positions
  • Introducing the 10 positions
  • Between leg positions
  • Working without eye contact

Lesson 5
17 minute video

  • Heelwork walking towards the dog (sideways in the dog’s direction)
  • Proofing the positions
  • A game to teach the dog to find the positions without body cues.
  • Linking the positions to create a chain or a small routine.
  • The linking game


Emmy`s words

My name is Emmy Marie Simonsen and I have been involved with Heelwork To Music since 1998. I have competed in both Heelwork To Music and Freestyle with several dogs. Over the years, my dogs and I have gained the following titles in Denmark; 3 Heelwork To Music Champions, 5 Freestyle Champions, 9 x Freestyle Dog Of The Year and 4 x HTM Dog Of The Year.

I have had the pleasure of being part of the Danish team for the international Championships many many times and experienced the excitement of being on top of the podium with this team at both Nordic- and World Championships. Gollum, the Border Collie that I work at the moment, was part of the Danish HTM Team, which won the Nordic Championship in December 2019 and Gollum won Individual Silver.

I have had the honour and joy of teaching and judging this wonderful sport all over the world – this is my first online course though. I hope you enjoy!

Whisper winning the Nordic Championship 2009

Gollum winning Nordic Championship Silver 2019