About us

My name is Marianne Elise Methi and I`m a professional dogtrainer located in Norway. I have 5 dogs (8 in the house) from 2 - 13 years old and together we are Team Bissevov.
We have seminars all over the world - and now also online seminar in english! (not only in Norwegian)

I LOVE using the dogs in different dogsports and compete in highest level in sevearl dogsports - including the national team in dogdance.
2 times Norwegian champion (2017 and 2019)
European champion GCDC frisbee distance and nr 2 overall
Champion in several different dogsports with different dogs
Red cross visiting friend with the dogs
Been in tvshows, comercials, musicvideos and theaterplays with several of the dogs.
Aproved heerdingdog
Run my own company in Norway
In 2020 we`re in 2 different national teams.
1 for the dogdance and on for WCOPA in California

Skjermbilde 2020-04-11 kl. 10.03.40.png

We have been lucky enough to several big things the last few year

Orphan Annie

Vega have played "Sandy" in 5 different theaters (6 times)
And nr 7 is in december 2020

European Champion GCDC 2018

Kanutten WON her class in distance 2018, and nr 2 overall!

Crufts 2020

Me and Vega number 5 in the international dogdancing competition. Highlight of our life!

The wiz

Vega played the dog "Toto"

Brakar and Joanna

Vega and I was in this play too

Norway`s got talent

Made it to the live semifinal

Comercials and TV shows

All of my dogs have been in several TV comercials and TV shows here in Norway.
Farmen kjendis
Dramaserien "hjem"
"Dog in the hill" - Holmenkollen

Swedens got talent

We made it all the way to the final

Several huge competitions

Nordic Championchip
European Championchip

Here you can see some of the things we have done

Crufts 2020

International dogdancing competition

Video title

Tease the video here.

Video title

Tease the video here.